Design by Sika


b. 1986, HK.


Hello, I'm Sika Danh

I majored in Visual Communication at the University of Texas at Arlington. My design background started in the print production which later evolved into digital design. Currently my passion leans into the user experience and interface realm as well as picking up javascript and jQuery on the way.. I'm in for new things and experimenting with new media. I'm a master at organizing and find enjoyment in finding a place for everything. When I'm not working, I spend time with friends and family, playing board games, Sims 4, hulu, doodling and being outdoors.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to dig deeper into the problems presented by stakeholders needs and present them a solution for the greater future. I design to push boundaries from the obvious to provoke memorable experiences. 

 I'm a creative imaginative person that can quickly learn new skills. I can type sounds exactly now its pronounced. I'm a funny mischievous person and I'd be happy to meet you.