Design by Sika


User Experience, User Interface

TripCase iMessage

The Problem

Majority business travelers using TripCase app are using it though their iPhones. When a business traveler share a trip detail like your flight card, they only have the intentions to share their arrival gate so that they could be picked up at the destination. However, TripCase only had the capability to send their contact the full trip itinerary details that wasn't necessary.

The Solution

Apple recently released iMessage on iOS 10 that has a new capability that sends rich text messages to your contacts; and we saw that theres a new opportunity to be the first travel itinerary app to utilize this new technology. Utilizing this new feature that Apple has given us, TripCase iPhone users will be able to send details that pertains only needed information to the contacted person quickly and easily through texting.

The Process

Working in a collaboration with the developing team for Sabre's Hackathon event, design choice was to bring elements from the TripCase app into the iMessage feature. Knowing that this is a new feature, we used other apps as reference to draw a blueprint of what can and cannot be done and compromised on design choices in order to produce and present a quality product. 


Revision Consideration

Though it would've been nice to have the dark image under the text, having a database filled with custom background will not only slow the app down, but it would also be difficult to maintain. Therefore the solution was to keep the design as a clean and simple for maximum optimization.

Some functional capabilities were unavailable due to some previous developing choices. This caused the decision to best not present the incapabilities thus removing "add new trip" when the itenary is empty. 


The Final Product